pay as you go


We've put something special in place for our locals!


This new membership enables you to be a part of our fitness community without the commitment of a contract & weekly payments.  



  • No Locked in Contract

  • No Signup Fee

  • No Regular Weekly Payment

  • Exclusive 24/7 access to the facility at your leisure

(Restricted hours of 5am-9pm during Covid - returning to 24/7 when Covid Levels are lifted)

  • Pay as you go $10 per visit for casual gym sessions and group fitness classes 

And even better

Were giving away your first 2 SESSIONS for FREE 

to anyone that rejoins us!

If your wanting to compliment your other health & fitness activities with the option of using a gym at your leisure then this membership is for you!





  • You will be required to provide credit or debit information in order for us to collect payments electronically per visit, eliminating the need for cash handling

  • If you are a past gym member of ours, you will be prompted to sign into our GymMaster Portal to access and update your current information and stay connected with us via our software.

  • If you are a member of Four Peak Fitness already, on a current gym membership, you can change to this new option at the expiry of your current arrangement.

  • If you are a member on a FLEXI Membership you can change to this offer if you feel it is best for you.

  • If you are completely new to Four Peak Fitness and the gym environment, you will need to sign up on one of our other memberships first so that we can set you up correctly with health screening & a beginner gym program