Asher Bennie - BSpEx

Personal Trainer/Nutritionist/Mental Skills Trainer

Who am I?

With a background in competitive sport, Asher was introduced to the importance of nutrition and sport psychology from a young age by a very experienced coach. After reaping the rewards of these teachings, Asher was able to see how many others would benefit from learning more of these skills.

Asher studied through ARA Institute of Technology (formerly CPIT) and Massey University in order to achieve greater knowledge as well as the proper qualifications. Through these teaching environments, Asher was able to learn from some of the top Mental Skills Trainers and Nutritionists in New Zealand. It was through these environments where Asher was given the opportunities to work within regional organisations and some of the top teams in New Zealand. Asher has worked with athletes from many different areas; from volleyball, cycling, rowing, weight lifting, basketball and combat sports.

Asher is able to work with people of all ages, abilities and goals. From nutrition consultations in order to get the most out of your training and your food. Whether you are trying to reach a specific goal, or just find a greater balance in life, Asher’s knowledge in nutrition and mental skills training could be exactly what you need.



Asher is able to offer both individual, small group or even large group seminars in order to help you and others with their nutrition. Asher understands the importance of nutrition in order to get the most out of your training as well as the most out of your life. Asher also believes that food is to be enjoyed and not a factor that should control the way you are living. This approach allows Asher to understand your lifestyle, where you struggle and other aspects of your fitness and health that could be being affected by your nutrition that you haven’t become aware of yet.

Asher understands that for most people, it is about making their life better and not a strict lifestyle change. This philosophy helps to encourage people to begin to understand that their nutritional choices have a huge impact on their day to day life, and that it is not about completely changing everything but making decisions to make them work for you.


Mental Skills Training

Mental Skills Training is all about developing and using different techniques in order to produce you optimal performance and outcome. Every persons prescription needs to be individualised because of the difference in our responses to different situations and goals. The aim is to use practical methods in order to train and improve your mental performance at the same rate as your physical performance. Performing these exercises can be continuously improved and more efficient through training. The aim overall is performance based; to obviously improve your own performance in whatever skill set you are working towards (sport, business, life balance) by improving self belief, confidence, understanding your own triggers and giving you tools to make these work for you.


Commonly Asked Questions


What is a Mental Skills Trainer?

It is a person that works you through the mental approach to your activity. This person is able to address physical and mental responses to stressful situations (competition, meetings, tests or even speaking publicly). Every person thinks differently, reacts differently and sees situations completely differently, so a mental skills trainer is able to identify these differences in reaction and customise a plan in order to work for the client to improve their performance.


Why use a Mental Skills Trainer?

A mental skills trainer understands everyone will react differently to situations put in front of them. Their job is not to eliminate anxiety or fear but to help you understand it and utilise this energy in a greater way than the previously negative response. A mental skills trainer is able to apply different techniques to a whole range if individuals and goals and understands that no reaction to a situation is too extreme but is able to be worked in your favour once approached with a change in mindset.

What is the difference between a mental skills trainer and a sports psychologist?

Both of these professionals have done the work to gain these titles, but a Sport Psychologist has a Psychology degree as part of their study. A mental skills trainer has been through University to gain qualifications in the area but without that Psychology degree they are unable to use that title.


How do I choose a Mental Skills Trainer or Nutritionist?

Qualifications and vibe. Ask about their qualifications, they should be happy to chat about them. Vibe- you should feel comfortable and not judged in this situation. If at any point you aren’t comfortable or understanding what they are saying, let them know. As a professional we understand that it can be a very vulnerable situation so making a connection that works between the two of you is important.


What can I expect in one of these appointments?

The first appointment especially will be a lot of talk, in order to understand more about you and gather further information. There will be note taking and possibly a little bit of thinking or quiet on our end as we analyse what you are telling us. It can be hard to open up in an initial appointment, but it is important to be as honest as you can be in these meetings or let them know afterwards if you think of something else. We do understand it can be a hard situation for a lot of people so won’t rush you if you aren’t quite ready. From there you may be given homework (not like you got at school) or some tricks to trial to report back on at your next appointment.