“At Four Peak Fitness we are committed to providing you with a professional & friendly environment to pursue your health and fitness goals, and we will support you every step of the way on your journey to better health & wellbeing”.


Rachel Scott – Personal Trainer 




We have a variety of equipment to cater to everyones needs and workout styles, with plenty of weight to share around!  Our two new treadmills are proving to be popular with their smooth operation, as are our two rowers, two spin bikes and two electronic bikes.  


Our plate weight machines provide you with a full body workout; we have a Smith Machine, Leg Press, two squat racks, an extensive range of olympic plates and dumbbells that range from 2kg up to 42kg.  There are barbells, benches and slam balls galore, with a TRX suspension trainer hanging from the ceiling, making our space in the gym as functional as possible.

OWNER/TRAINER - Rachel Scott


At 20 Rachel was introduced to gym life by her now husband Andrejs and has been a gym bunny ever since.  Moving around NZ and Australia enabled her to experience a wide range of different gym facilities as well as meet and train with several different personal trainers offering a variety of different training styles.  The idea of becoming a Personal Trainer herself really appealed however life’s path didn’t take her that way until she made the move to Geraldine NZ in 2012.  After 11 years of personal gym experiences she finally gained her qualification as a certified personal trainer and began the journey of helping the community by introducing them to all the health benefits that a gym membership has to offer as well as facilitating fun fitness challenges to keep motivation high.  Rachel is now the proud owner of the local gym and busy mother to 2 little boys.  She works behind the scenes building the successful fitness facility and is returning in 2020 to pick up her career in Personal Training and delivering health & fitness to the community.

Qualifications - Certified Personal Trainer & Level 2 First Aider  

MANAGER/TRAINER - Courtney Bates

Working at Four Peak Fitness for just under 2 years now, Courtney is currently new to Personal Training.  She has training experience in running our group fitness classes and is currently the trainer for Powerhouse and Kettlebells. 

Court is involved in local sports coaching and playing, training experience with younger children, teens and women. She is a huge fan of circuit trainings, bodyweight based programs and organising our facility so that members can enjoy using it on a daily basis. Courtney believes that your exercise should always be focused on the goal you are working towards and must always be fun! 

Courtney personally thinks that being able to help someone make a difference to their overall health and fitness whether it be through fitness training, personal training or just through a motivational speech is by far the best feeling and reward. 

Likes: Fruit and Pretzels 

Dislikes: Skipping and anything that involves using upper body strength.

Contact email: fourpeakfitness.cb@outlook.com


Tianna is 18 and the youngest of our wonderful staff. She is very bubbly and cheeky but most importantly loves to have a laugh! Tianna is currently a gym assistant and maintenance manager here at Four Peak Fitness. While working hard to keep the gym running smoothly, she is also studying to become a personal trainer herself! She enjoys pushing herself and others to reach their goals and is not afraid to work up a sweat.
Tianna is currently the trainer for Gym Circuit and Teenfit. She loves taking both classes because she is able to have a laugh all while helping the participants achieve their goals. She fizzes over any kind of achievements, both big and small. She believes that everyone should have something to work towards. Within the gym she is super keen to assist, motivate and support you to do this.
Other than living here at the gym, Tianna can also be seen playing or coaching at many different sporting events. Tianna loves netball and basketball and plays at a very high level for both. She loves to keep busy and theres never a dull moment with her! Basically she’s just an overall legend.
Tianna has been working at Four Peak Fitness for two years now.

Asher is another one of our Personal Trainers here at 4 Peak Fitness. Asher has been on board with 4 Peak Fitness for over a year so you may have seen her around the gym putting members through their paces. With six years of study behind her, Asher is a Sport Scientist by trade, with specialisations in elite athlete performance, sport psychology and nutrition. This knowledge helps Asher to create exciting and challenging work outs, aiming to make each session different. Asher enjoys using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as a key part of her training, adapting it to suit all needs and abilities.


Asher focuses on correct movement patterns and technique to help both rehabilitate from injury as well as strengthen to reduce any injury risk.


Though it may seem it, Asher doesn’t live in the gym, she spends her free time training as a Thai boxer, finding new running tracks and coffee places to explore (always wanting recommendations).