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“At Four Peak Fitness we are committed to providing you with a professional & friendly environment to pursue your health and fitness goals, and we will support you every step of the way on your journey to better health & wellbeing”.


Rachel Scott – Owner & Personal Trainer 





We have a variety of equipment to cater to everyones training needs and workout styles, with plenty of weight to share around!  


Our cardio equipment consists of two treadmills, two rowers, two spin bikes , two electronic bikes & an elliptical trainer.


In the main part of the gym our plate weight machines provide you with a full body workout as does our Smith Machine, Leg Press, two squat racks, and our extensive range of olympic plates and dumbbells that range from 2kg up to 42kg.  

Some examples of the equipment we have on offer include boxing equipment - pads, gloves & bags, plyometric boxes, bosu ball, slam balls, sand bags, kettlebells, dumbbells, agility ladders & cones, slider plates, a sled, a landmine, slam ropes, spin bike, tornado balls & much more.

Our facility also has the ability to help you track and monitor your health & fitness progression with the worlds first intelligent body composition analyser, turning information into inspiration!  

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