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A space to share articles of interest, podcasts, playlists and more.

Click on the images to follow the link, explore and enjoy!

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The James Smith Podcast

If you're after an unfiltered, no BS and entertaining conversation, you will enjoy James Smith.

I believe James is doing important work within the health and fitness industry - taking it back to the basics and I like his straight up approach.

James has great guests and always has little nuggets of wisdom to share!

Not for sensitive ears.

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Yoga with Adrienne

Adriene's YouTube channel is perfect for those new to Yoga as well as those more experienced in the practice.

Her teaching style is casual, friendly and effective - she explains things very well. I really like her 'less serious' approach and the wide variety available on her channel - everything from a challenging workout to a more slow paced, moving meditation.

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Interval Timer

Super handy for when you want to smash out a workout you've designed yourself!

This is a basic interval timer, it allows you to adjust the working and rest periods to suit your session.

It's easy to use and it's free!

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