Rachel Scott
Facility Owner, Personal Trainer, CBT Practitioner &
FLOW Peak Performance Coach


Rachel was raised in the North Island of NZ, relocated to Geraldine with her husband Andrejs and their son Ashton in 2014, and have called it home ever since, adding one more son Lochlan to the team. They purchased the local gym in 2016 rebranding it to Four Peak Fitness and have been passionate about providing the local community with a variety of new opportunities to learn and grow in their health and fitness.   Rachel’s experience in the fitness industry started 20 years ago and progressed into a career as a Personal Trainer.  She has really enjoyed introducing newcomers to the gym training environment, facilitating fun fitness challenges, running group fitness classes, providing 1:1 personal training and forming wonderful connections within the community. 


"During my time as a Personal Trainer and building the Four Peak Fitness brand I have been privileged and trusted with many personal health experiences, both mental and physical, through my community and its members.  This valuable life experience led me on a new journey toward strengthening my coaching skills beyond exercise and nutrition, and into the world of psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics and many other cognitive science and philosophy based principles. And of course like any good coach would, I first had to walk the walk.  Treating myself and an experiment first I have made many personal changes to my own human performance, a process that of course is always under review!”


Rachel is a certified Personal Trainer, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner and is currently training with the team at The Flow Research Collective in Flow Coaching for Peak Human Performance.


“I am extremely passionate about neuroscience, cognitive (brain & mind) health & and in understanding how we function as humans from a genetic level, right through to what impacts us on an epigenetic (environmental) level.  I help guide people toward greater depths of personal insight and understanding of their experiences, so that they can develop the knowledge required to reshape their cognition and bring themselves into alignment with what is of true value and meaning to them.  I help people identify their passions and purpose, and coach them on achieving their best.” 


My approach is grounded in Cognitive Behaviour and Neuroscience which enables me to teach my clients to develop an understanding of the WHY behind a lot of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and outcomes that they are experiencing.  From depression and anxiety through to identifying blockages that are hindering peak performance in their personal endeavours, be it their mental and physical health pursuits, careers, business endeavours or just addressing their life dissatisfaction in general.”


Rachel invests her time daily, into her own learning and development and understands the importance of being an open, honest and fully present listener when it comes to helping others.  “I focus solely on being present and treat my clients with zero judgement and genuine compassion for their individuality and experience.  This is what enables me to really identify and provide help to those seeking it.  Often big changes can come about from just a little shift in perspective which can be extremely empowering.”

If you are interested in Peak Performance Coaching with Rachel, get in touch today!

Kayley Norton
Personal Trainer
Management Support/Content

I have loved sports and being active for most of my life - although I haven’t always been fit by any means!

Netball and tennis were key throughout high school and my early 20’s. This flowed into a love of running, then a move to Sydney added gym based fitness into the mix!

Sydney life exposed me to many different styles of training, classes and methods - not to mention people! This has become invaluable experience to draw on for both planning sessions for clients and my own training.

As well as my obvious love of HIIT training, I have a new found passion for strength training. I love the physical and mental challenge of pushing my body further than I thought it could go and seeing the (often slow!) progress!

I love learning new things and sharing knowledge with people. Along with mastering or teaching new skills, helping people is the best feeling and a real passion of mine.

I like to spend as much time outside as possible - often setting up a makeshift office on our deck, or taking a break to head out for a walk…..I’m also rather fond of gin, wine and bloody LOVE a good party!

Come say hi if you see me around - I don’t bite and love meeting new people!

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If you're interested in small group fitness or training with Kayley, shoot her an email - kayley.n@windowslive.com

Cheryl Stericker 
Active and Alive Group Fitness Instructor

From a very early age I was interested in ballet, drama, swimming and singing - a bit of a show off really! Through life’s little experiences (knock backs) I then developed humility and self esteem.

Later in life, between jobs and travel, I studied at Christchurch Polytechnic and attained a certificate in Fitness Industry Training. This was a 20 week full time, 500 hour course. At every opportunity I continued to study - Exercise Science at Christchurch College of Education and Fitness Leadership with YMCA in Vancouver Canada. Recently I have re-qualified with a current Comprehensive First Aid Certificate, a Community based Exercise Foundation Course by Canterbury Sports and am brushing up on Aquafit Training. All of this helped in creating the well rounded character you see today!

I enjoy creating a relaxed and friendly, safe atmosphere in which to exercise. It is important that you enjoy anything if you want to continue doing it!

I currently take a Gym Circuit class which is aimed at, but not limited to those of a mature nature. Moderation and consistency are what I recommend for those not so young as we don’t recover as quickly as we used to. This is essential to limit any chance of injury, correct technique and form are key to a great workout.

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